Cashmere Socks

Cashmere socks: a soft warmth that you need to discover. The Sozzi hosiery creates men's cashmere socks using exclusively high-quality yarns to transform what someone considers a simple accessory into a style choice reflecting the character of the man who wears it.

Cashmere socks: features and merits. Cashmere (also known as Kashmir, Cachemire, or more rarely, in the Italianized version "Casimiro") is an extremely valuable animal-origin yarn named after the eastern region where the specific goats producing this precious material are traditionally bred. When the luxury of cashmere socks combines with the experience of our craftsmen, socks turn into unmissable precious accessories made employing the softest wool obtained from processing the Duvet, the soft undercoat that protects Hircus goats from the extreme temperatures of Asian highlands. Consequently, pure cashmere men's socks are characterized by high thermal insulation capacity and a velvety appearance revealing the absolute softness of the material. Thanks to the properties of this particular type of wool, our craftsmen can create particularly warm and comfortable winter cashmere socks: ideal for wrapping your feet in a cloud of warmth.

Men's cashmere socks: all the benefits. Pure cashmere men's socks are made with an exceptionally soft and silky textile fiber guaranteeing unparalleled warm comfort. Among the characteristics that make traditional long cashmere socks so special are the previously mentioned softness and thermoregulatory properties, as well as an exceptional breathable ability that keeps feet away from moisture and allows you to enjoy a pleasant warmth without the bothersome sensation of excessive heat. In addition, cashmere socks felt less easily than those made using classic wool, and for this reason, are generally considered easier to wash. Even the colors applied to these fibers usually have greater strength, allowing cashmere socks to stay vibrant longer.

Men's cashmere socks: Sozzi products. Sozzi hosiery uses top-quality yarns to create men's cashmere socks capable of meeting the expectations of those who can appreciate the value of products made through an expert combination of craftsmanship and innovative processes. Long men's cashmere socks are indispensable accessories that cannot be missing in the wardrobe of a classy gentleman: elegant and versatile, depending on the model they can be worn every day as well as paired with the most refined suits. Choosing to wear pure cashmere socks means indulging in a natural pleasure based on the use of precious and genuine yarns to dedicate to oneself a small luxury experience to live throughout the day.

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