Mismatched Socks: How to Avoid Losing Them

Mismatched Socks: How to Avoid Losing Them

We are going to talk about a phenomenon so widespread that a world day has recently been dedicated to it. Some believe that socks are swallowed up by the washing machine, while others have dreamed of a more romantic version, suggesting that they end up on a distant planet, populated only by garments with this strange fate: we are talking about mismatched socks.

The process is still a mystery: after their first use, they head for cleaning, and before returning to their rightful owner, they disappear.

Necessity is the mother of invention
Out of necessity, some trends have developed; some people buy socks all of the same color or no longer wear them, not even in winter. Or, indifferent to any potential criticism, they decide to always wear different socks, convincing themselves that it is not because of the discomfort of not having a normal pair of socks anymore, but because of the need to be original and stand out.

To support this idea, many brands, even famous ones, have thought of creating creative lines of single colorful socks that match with others of similar and coordinated colors. Problem solved, as if the twin sock is no longer found, it is because it was never there in the first place. A real relief.

The only thing to do is to follow essential style rules: match socks with the same base color, particular patterns like large polka dots matched with small ones, and the same is suggested for stripes, checks, diamonds, etc. In all honesty, this is not a new idea, but an old fashion that is making a comeback; in the '80s, some daring people were already doing it.

The importance of being tidy
Sometimes, due to haste or bad personal habits, socks and other garments are left on the floor, and even children, caught up in euphoria, tend to throw their clothes haphazardly and, to avoid a scolding, hide everything under the bed or inside the wardrobe, making garments disappear for some time, only to reappear at an unexpected moment. Although it will take some time, one could get into the habit of collecting all dirty socks in a cloth bag, perhaps an old pillowcase, that can be thrown into the washing machine and washed in this way, with all socks inside the bag, from which they cannot escape.

The online market offers a variety of patented devices to keep socks together during washing and, as in the case of bras, to wash them without risking damage or loss; mesh bags, large special clips, organizers for washing a dozen socks by tying them next to each other, and similar items are available.

Practical tips for not losing socks
The most practical suggestion is to insert the pair of socks together in the laundry basket, trying to get them to the washing machine together. Of course, they cannot be sanitized when rolled up, so before filling the washing machine, they must be opened and turned inside out. In this way, the cleaning will be thorough, and they should both remain together throughout the wash. It is essential to carefully check that no clothing is left inside the drum after the washing cycle is completed; due to the centrifugal force, socks could hide in the washing machine compartment and remain stuck even in the upper, invisible part. It is therefore advisable to manually rotate the drum to carefully inspect all corners of the compartment.

At this point, after the wash is finished, since the laundry needs to be hung up, it is recommended to arrange the socks in pairs with a single clip so that, at the end of the drying process, they can be collected, immediately reunited, and placed in the drawer.

If, despite the suggested precautions, the discomfort still affects the entire family, it is not necessarily the mother's fault. A further check can be done by carefully observing the washing machine drum. Socks could be sucked in by the washing machine's seal. Between this rubber, which wraps around the door, and the drum, the garments in question could get stuck and, of course, be severely damaged. This is a remote but not impossible hypothesis that can also cause damage to the proper functioning of the appliance. The filter must be checked often and carefully cleaned to ensure the washing machine's longevity.

World Mismatched Socks Day: a symbol of diversity
Sometimes it can happen that from discomfort, a mistake, or an unexpected event, a new experience arises, which initially catches us off guard but forces us to embark on a new adventure; an obstacle can become an opportunity to broaden our horizons, a new lesson that can be summed up in a motto: different does not mean wrong.

The idea was born in Italy about ten years ago, in a school in Friuli Venezia Giulia, where four friends dressed as clowns proposed the initiative, which spread worldwide, involving both adults and children, the World Mismatched Socks Day. Since then, lonely socks have been transformed into puppets, filled with multiple messages. The goal is to unite all children under a single thought of friendship. Over time, the initiative has taken on a profound social significance, as it has been dedicated to very young people affected by Down Syndrome. Children learn that we are all equal even if we look different, all important and special because we are unique, simply mismatched.


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