Trend Socks 2023

Trend Socks 2023

Hosiery...what a passion!

In reality, there have been some fashion seasons in which the only imperative to be super glam was: never wear stockings, even if winter was below zero. This canon is now completely reversed: the times of so-called "uncomfortable" fashion in which any comfortable or functional garment or accessory was labeled "unfashion" and banned are over. Make way for the praise of practicality, and its symbol: stockings. Any type of stocking. In the fashion shows, sponge socks and leg warmers have reappeared, while the trend of the year for women is tights, an ultra-feminine accessory on which creativity has been focused in 2021: so much so that they have become the essence of every look.

The coolest trends

Whether it's men's socks, women's tights or fishnet stockings, glittery or tennis socks, the world of 2021 trendy hosiery is unmatched in terms of variety and originality: last year, for example, tights turned 60 years old but continue to transform, trigger trends and embellish any look over time.

The 2021 men's fashion exalts socks made of super natural materials, proposed in classic and traditional style as well as modern and trendy. For her, stockings are super covering, especially in autumn/winter, and offered in both classic total black and in colorful and hyper-shiny versions, from saffron to turquoise, to the psychedelic fluorescent shades of fuchsia.

It's all a matter of fantasy...

The 2021 hosiery trend features fantasy stockings, for both men and women, which are perfect for any occasion, from aperitifs with friends to an ultra-chic dinner. However, the most suitable stocking for one's physique must be chosen: geometric patterns, for example, tend not only to draw attention to the legs, but also to highlight any imperfections that one would rather hide. Fantasy stockings are perfect on blazer dresses, a sort of contemporary revival of the traditional office jacket that has dominated 2021 fashion, and if printed with geometric patterns like diamonds, on coats. Tie & dye and animal print styles, especially leopard print, have also taken their spotlight.

The right stocking for every season

The 2021 stocking trend sees those with super light textures in pole position for the warm season, while for winter the seasonal must-haves are thick stockings made of fabrics such as jersey or wool. Cotton stockings, which give an even more glamorous look, are also very popular. The important thing is to choose stockings that are not too tight, as they give the legs a constricted appearance, nor too loose, so as to avoid a sloppy look.

A "leg" with polka dots

Super fashionable in 2021 are polka dot stockings: for an extra touch of character to your outfit. If you wear very bright-toned looks, the right stockings are dark in color and ultra-minimal texture. International catwalks have also seen stockings embellished with shiny inserts and rhinestones: in this case, they should be combined with an absolutely sober outfit.

Cotton stockings

From street style to runways to social media, cotton stockings are all the rage, and from a symbol of comfort and super versatility, they arrive to embellish trendy outfits suitable for any occasion: whether to wear during the day or in the evening for a special date. Just choose the right shade and style and pair them with super glam garments. Celebrities often wear them under jeans, long, short, or ripped, but also for more elegant outfits. Also very popular this year are multicolor striped cotton stockings, both in long and short versions.

Socks for every occasion and the "legendary" sponge socks

The 2021 sock trend sees super colorful socks with eye-catching patterns, flowers, polka dots, or geometric motifs, as well as the unique and original British style; super glam are also silk stockings. To celebrate the 80s and 90s, here are the legendary sponge socks, white or colored, which become an essential accessory for celebrities, influencers, and bloggers, often worn with a nice pair of slippers; even better if worn with the timeless sneakers.

Wool stockings

The 2021 stocking fashion does not neglect wool stockings, also proposed in the super refined cashmere version: for an authentic, and valuable, statement of style and elegance. Ankle socks made of ribbed wool in beige or gray shades or embellished with elegant patterns are also very popular, to be combined with everyday outfits or special occasion ensembles.

Festive stockings

Stockings made of shiny textures, in various colors and prints, are the real must-have of the 2021 stocking trend. Runways around the world have been invaded by metallic effects, in gold or silver, with stockings designed not only for an evening look but also to be worn casually during the day. These stockings also fit any body shape perfectly, just pair them with the right outfit: for example, with casual clothing, overly "shiny" stockings, such as gold ones, should be avoided; if, on the other hand, you want to give your shiny stockings the starring role in your look, feel free to pair them with sober and neutral clothes and accessories: this way, the stockings will shine in all their splendor.

A touch of romance

For women, stockings with bows mark the 2021 stocking fashion and are aimed at the most romantic trendsetters, whether they are long or short ankle socks. In the men's version, there are stockings with tender hearts printed on them. This type of stocking is best paired with sporty shoes or heels for women and is a much-loved accessory among younger enthusiasts; this year, however, "romantic" models are super fashionable even among older women and men, and can turn into a bon ton detail with a cheeky mood.

The animal call

Whether they are colorful, black on black, or in shades of brown, the mood doesn't change: "animal" prints are not out of fashion even this year, but rather assert themselves with energy. To give a super trendy and lively spirit even to a simple, single-color look, perfect for a morning outfit; or to pair with a bag in the same style and a bolder dress.


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