The main features of our socks

100% cotton Four-ply twisted Scotland yarn. Hand-rimmed toe, reinforced high heel. Double cover elastic cuff.


High quality production

Italian design:

Quality hosiery for men Since 1912


Wool, Cashmere, Silk, 100% cotton Filo Scozia


Four yarns twisted flat. Toe hand linked. High heel reinforced. Elastic border double cover, many colours

100% silk square end


The elegance of silk combined with the unmistakable style of the knitted structure
Socks since 1912

Our history

The history of the Sozzi hosiery begins in the early twentieth century. It was 1912 when, in Milan, the Sozzi brothers started producing silk and cotton Filo di Scotia socks. With careful and passionate manual processing they satisfy the wishes of gentlemen …
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Made in Italy

Men's socks for over a century

Since 1912 the Sozzi hosiery has been a guarantee of quality in the production of men’s socks.
The Milanese company satisfies the desires of the most elegant men with Italian men’s socks resulting from a long and passionate experience.
The Hosiery factory selects only the best natural materials and works them with care and competence to create the excellent accessories that make up the brand’s pride.

Socks for sale online
The Sozzi men’s sock factory sells 100% Made in Italy socks made with high-quality materials such as combed cottons, Scotland yarn cotton, pure wool, soft cashmere, silk and Irish linen.

All available products are made through artisan processes combined with efficient and modern machinery, and the entire production cycle for men’s socks is carefully monitored to always offer comfortable, elegant and dedicated to wellness accessories.

Our offer
Buying products from an online hosiery shop can be difficult: the inability to “touch” the various items by hand, assessing their consistency and checking their quality can be daunting.

For this reason our hosiery has decided to face the challenge of selling socks online with a wide range of quality products designed to meet the needs and desires of the contemporary gentleman.

In our store you can find Italian men’s socks made of natural materials following classic and traditional models as well as more modern and trendy designs.
Choosing Sozzi Milano as your trusted online hosiery means giving yourself the pleasure of a little luxury experience that lasts all day: the taste of wearing quality socks that guarantee the well-being of the foot thanks to the breathable and thermoregulating properties of the best natural materials.

Calzificio Sozzi places the production of men’s socks with a view to authentic Made in Italy craftsmanship.

Thanks to an extraordinary attention to detail, to the high quality of the selected materials and to the traditional processes used, the company is able to surprise the market with small artisan masterpieces.
Our Italian men’s socks are made with extreme care from weaving to packaging, combining the best natural fibers with the refinement of elegant motifs such as the inlay or the embroidered lance baguette, with the comfort of special edges and with the refinement of monograms made entirely handmade in homage to the precious workings of the past.

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